What Happens When a Motor Overheats?

If your engine begins to make a pinging or rattling sound, it could be a sign of overheating. Another sign is a decrease in gas mileage.

When an engine overheats, the pistons are not cooled properly. The hot pistons expand and damage the cylinders. Also, the head gasket may blow. An engine that overheats can cause severe damage to a car.

Motors have cooling systems that work with coolant, hoses, and pumps to keep the engine around 195 to 220 degrees. When any of the cooling components break or become clogged, your engine will begin to get hot.

Sometimes the temperature gauge is broken. Your warning light might come on, or the gauge will show the engine as overheating.

Preventing a motor from overheating is always best. If you notice your car’s performance has changed, it is time for a checkup. Contact our service department here at Lithia Nissan of Clovis to make an appointment today.  
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