Expand Your Storage Options With the Versa Note

When you're in the market for a subcompact hatchback, storage is a big consideration. That's why at Lithia Nissan of Clovis, we're proud to carry the popular Nissan Versa Note. This popular car is small, but it packs in a surprising amount of cargo room.

Do you need to carry tall and small items? The Versa Note's available Divide-N-Hide Adjustable Floor solves all of your cargo problems. Lower the adjustable floor to accommodate tall items such as lamps or stacks of packing boxes. When you raise the floor, it creates a hidden storage space underneath for everything from valuables to emergency supplies.

When you're driving around with oversized items, the Versa Note's back seats fold down to create a spacious cargo area. They work with the Divide-N-Hide floor, too — just raise the floor to create a large, flat cargo space. Then, you can side large items in and out without worrying about bumps or uneven areas.



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