Enjoying Halloween in a big city like Fresno can involve some known unknowns. By the time "All Hallows' Eve" comes around, parents can often find themselves asking either friends and family or that trusty virtual assistant "where can I go trick-or-treating near me?" Obviously, beyond which neighbor's got the king-size M&Ms and what local shop's stocking those awesome peanut-butter Snickers bars, kiddos and their safety are the primary subjects of conversation. Luckily, it's not one you need to have any longer. That's where the first-annual Trunk or Treat comes in!

On Thursday, October 31, from 6 PM-8 PM, Maya Cinemas & Jamba will be partnering with many local businesses and organizations to provide a safe alternative for families to trick or treat. The two-hour-long event will take place at 3090 East Campus Pointe Drive in Fresno, where community leaders will be sponsoring stalls with vehicles parked and decorated to distribute candy, coupons, and other kid-friendly treats from either their vehicle trunks or a table. Our Nissan dealership will be there from Clovis, and there'll be other entertainment, educational, health, and family-related activities, too!

Best of all, Campus Pointe Drive will be closed to traffic, so rest assured, you and the gang will have a stress-free run of all the event has to offer. We look forward to seeing you!

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